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Year 2 Rapid Fire Cricket - 24th June 2019

On Monday 24th June, 10 children from Year 2 went to OD Cuaco Cricket Club to take part a Year 2 Rapid Fire Cricket Competition to play against other Bromley schools. Sixteen children from Year 5 were also invited along to run the competition- officiate matches, record the results and support the younger children from all of the schools who were taking part. The Year 2 squad (Thomas, Elliot T, Josh H, Ava, Lily, Nina, Oliver, Chenyu, Mylo and Teddy) were extremely excited and had been counting down until the competition for days! In the morning, the team played four games and achieved a win against St Marks and Oak Lodge and a draw against Balgowan. Unfortunately Unicorn lost a tense match against Bickley by just 1 run! After lunch, the team played four more matches and won against St Marks, Oak Lodge and Bickley but lost a very close match against Balgowan. Congratulations to the team who achieved 2nd place overall! Many of the staff from the other schools commented on Unicorn’s team work and words of support and encouragement towards one another. A real team effort, well done! Well done also to the Year 5s who were commended on their behaviour. They demonstrated fantastic leadership and communication skills and were a credit to Unicorn!

Created: 1 Jul 19 10:33

Year 5 & 6 Kwik Cricket Competition - 6th June 2019

On Thursday 6th June, 11 children from Year 5 and 6 went to Old Wilsonians Cricket Club to take part in a Year 5 and Year 6 Kwik Cricket Competition against other Bromley schools. The squad (Jack, Lukas, Luke, Lucas, Harry, Rory, Hugo, Felix, Jasper, Milo and Alex) were excited to play. Congratulations to the team who came 7th out of 22 schools! We are extremely proud! It was an especially exciting day as the Kent Spitfires Cricket Team even made an appearance!

Created: 24 Jun 19 11:49


Bromley Boccia Festival - 23rd May 2019

On Thursday 23rd May, 4 children went to Keston Primary School to take part in a Boccia Festival against other Bromley schools. Boccia is a Paralympic Sport, similar to bowls. Players propel balls to land as close as possible to a white marker ball, known as the jack. Brian and Elsie have competed before, however, Elliot and Lois were new to the sport. All of the team thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and played brilliantly. A huge congratulations to the team who achieved 2nd place overall. Well done!

Created: 24 Jun 19 11:41 

Year 5/6 Korfball Competition 27th March 2019

On Wednesday 27th March, 11 children from Year 5 and 6 went to Kent Cricket Ground to take part in their first ever Korfball Competition against lots of other Bromley schools. Korfball is a game with similarities to netball and basketball. The squad (Rory, Sophia, Sam, Aimee, Milo, Orla, Evie, Ryan, Hannah, Isabella and Theo) were up against some tough competition, including children who play for England and Kent! This didn’t stop them and Miss Owen was extremely proud of their attitude, determination and resilience. Well done to all involved and hopefully they will have inspired some others to take up Korfball!

Created: 10 Jun 19 10:06

Year 5/6 Gym Competition 18th March 2019

On Monday 18th March, 4 pupils took part in the Bromley Key Steps Gymnastics Competition at Bromley Valley Gymnastics Centre . It was a great opportunity to work on a real sprung floor and in front of a panel of judges. Ava, Elsie, Marshall and John had to take part in several training sessions with Miss Letchford in the weeks leading up to the competition. For the boys, who had never done gymnastics before, there was a lot to learn. On the day, the squad had to perform a floor routine, 12 body management moves and 2 vaults. A few small errors lost the team some points, however, their hard work and determination paid off as the team finished 6th (out of 12) overall! Well done Team Unicorn!

Created: 22 May 19 13:26


KS1 Easter Bunny Run - 28th March 2019

On Thursday 28th March, 8 children from Year 1 and 2 went to St Peter’s and St Paul’s School to take part in an 800 metre Easter Bunny Run. 16 schools each entered 2 children in each race so there were 32 competitors per race. The Year 1 girls ran first. Rosie fell behind in the middle of the race but came back with a strong finish, coming 16th. Ella ran the whole race in the top three and finished just behind the winner! Next up were the Year 1 boys. James S and Alfie started off well but found the second lap more tricky, finishing 26th and 29th. The Year 2 girls ran next. Sophie had a good race and finished 11th and Eva ran steadily with a sprint finish and achieved 13th place. In the final race were the Year 2 boys. Otto and Joshua started a little too fast and lost their pace. However, Otto was determined to do well and pushed himself at the end, achieving 16th place. Joshua found it trickier but was pleased with himself for finishing. Well done to all involved as the course was very long and all children showed determination and resilience! A special WELL DONE goes to Ella for just missing out on a winners medal, achieving 2nd place out of 32!

Created: 29 Mar 19 11:49

Year 5 & 6 Quick Sticks Hockey Competition - Tuesday 29th January 2019

On Tuesday 29th January, 10 children in Year 5 and 6 went to Langley Park School for Boys to take part in a Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament. The tournament was attended by over 30 Bromley primary schools! The squad played brilliantly, although on this occasion did not make it through to the finals. Mrs Wiltshire and Chris, the hockey coach, were both impressed with the children's attitude, behaviour and sportsmanship. Well done to Tymon, Lara, Joshua, Sam, Kai, Bernie, Tom, Logan, Isabella and Jasper.

Created: 6 Feb 19 12:03


Year 5/6 High 5 Netball - 4th October 2018

On Thursday 4th October, 6 pupils took part in the Bromley Year 5/6 High 5 Netball Tournament at Hayes secondary school. The team consisted of 3 pupils who are experienced netball players and 3 who are new to the sport and have only had three training sessions so far! The team (Elsie, Katie, Aimee, Ava, Max M and Suzanna) won a game, drew a game and lost three games, resulting in 6th place overall. Although the team were slightly disappointed with the result, they continued to smile all afternoon and have learnt many valuable skills.

Created: 9 Jan 19 13:33

Yr 3/4 Football Tournament - 22nd November 2018

On Thursday 22nd November, 10 boys from Year 3 and 4 (Frank, Ethan, Ben, Luke, Jude, Joseph, Ryley, Rocco, Leo and Alfie) went to Kent Cricket Club to take part in the Bromley Yr 3/4 Football Tournament. Unfortunately, the team drew their first match against Harris Kent House and then lost their next match against Highfield. The second half of the tournament proved more successful with Unicorn winning 2-0 against Worsley Bridge. The final match was another 2-0 win to Unicorn against St Nicholas’. Although the team did not make the finals, we are pleased that Unicorn achieved 3rd place overall. A highlight of the day was meeting Crystal Palace player, Jason Puncheon, for a question and answer session!

Created: 9 Jan 19 13:23

Yr 5/6 Football Tournament - 7th November 2018

On a very wet and windy day in November, 8 children from Year 6 (Luca, Josh, Luke, Henry, Miles, Logan, Jared and Rhys) went to Kent Cricket Club to take part in the Bromley Yr 5/6 Football Tournament. The team played 7 matches and were up against some very tough teams. In a tense game against Bickley Primary School, Luca gave away a penalty but managed to make it up by scoring the winning goal, making the final score 1-0 to Unicorn. Unfortunately, the team did not make it through to the finals and finished 6th overall. Henry and Luke were voted joint ‘Players of the Tournament’ for their impressive football skills throughout the afternoon. A special mention also goes to Miles as it was his birthday!

Created: 9 Jan 19 13:00

Key Stage 1 Football Tournament 25th September 2018

On Tuesday 25th September 2018, 10 children from Year 2 went to Harris Academy Orpington to take part in the Bromley KS1 Mixed Football Tournament. The squad (Ava, Serena, Penny, Tommy, Luca, Teddy, Tate, Joe G, Josh and Sid) were very nervous, as for many of them, this was their first time playing in a football match. Mrs Wren, who accompanied the team, was very impressed with not only their football skills, but also their team work and support for one another. The team did very well, winning their games against St James’ and Cudham, and drawing a third game against St Mary’s. Unicorn made it through to the final but unfortunately lost after a tough game against St Nicholas Primary. We are all incredibly proud of the team who came 2nd overall. A special mention goes out to Teddy for scoring 4 goals and to Joe who managed an amazing save at a crucial point in a game! A brilliant start to the new school year!

Created: 10 Oct 18 11:54


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