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7-a-side Mixed Key Stage 1 Football Competition

Mrs Crow, PE Subject Leader. On Tuesday, 29th September 2016, eleven Year 2 children from Unicorn competed in a 7 a-side mixed football competition. The event was held at The County Grounds in Worsley Bridge Road, where 7 schools from across the Bromley borough competed. The Unicorn team played six matches where they won three, drew one and lost two matches. Mrs McNeil, who accompanied the team, commented on how impressed she was with the way that the children played well as a team and showed good sportsmanship throughout the competition. Frank, one of the players, commented on how confident he felt when playing the goal keeper in one match against Bromley Road. He managed to save a few shots at goal ensuring that Unicorn won the match. Another child commented on how nervous she felt about playing but thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to represent the school again in another tournament, soon. The Unicorn team came fourth overall in the competition and the whole school were really pleased with their efforts. Well done Luke, Samuel, Ethan, Rocco, Jude, Oscar, Alfie, Frank, Nevaeh, Layla and Scarlett.

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Athletics Competition

On Thursday 22nd June 24 year 5 and 6 pupils at Unicorn meet at Norman Park to participate in the medium sized schools Athletics competition. There were 12 schools that attended the event from across the Borough of Bromley with the small schools and larger sized schools competing on other dates. The children were able to participate in no more than two events. The events included track events; 75m sprint, 150m sprint and 600m run and field events; howler throw, standing long jump and standing triple jump. Each child also participated in relay events for boys, girls and mixed teams. The morning began with bright sunny weather where the children participated in their heats to determine where they should be placed for the afternoon final races or field events. As the clouds rolled in we all took shelter under Mrs Quashie’s gazebo as the heavens opened and contemplated how the children had performed. After a well deserved lunch break the field events resumed. Oscar in the howler throw event throw an amazing throw which put him in the top 8 of the 16 children which participated. Max also participated in the howler throw and he threw the second highest distance of the day. Both of these performances resulted in the boys being asked back to compete in the individual finals to the Bromley Borough competition across all schools in July. Zoe and Pier also participated in the howler throwing event which the girls felt apprehensive about. However, despite the nerves Zoe came in the top 12 of the girls which competed in the A group. Next up was the triple jump where Bertie came first in the B group finals. Miss Hayes and Mrs Crow were very impressed with all the children who participated in the field events as many of them were unfamiliar to the children and they tried so hard to perfect the techniques. After the mixed relay event the track finals commenced. Jayden came 1st in his c group final running over a distance of 150m. Tyler ran with stamina and strength to win the A gro

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Multi skills Festival

On Wednesday 7th June, all 90 Year 2 pupils represented Unicorn at the Langley Girls multi-skills festival. The pupils participated in a range of activities including; parachute games, throwing and aiming games, skipping, relay runs and balancing activities with beanbags and benches which were organised by year 10 student leaders at Langley. Our pupils listened well to the leaders and the teachers were impressed with the high level of self belief and resilience that the pupils displayed. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. Well done year 2 we are all very proud of you and your efforts.

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Quadkids Competition

On Wednesday 17th May, Unicorn entered a team of 10 children (5 boys and 5 girls) to participate in a School Games Quadkids competition held at Norman park. Each child took part in four events; 75m sprint, 600m run, vortex howler throw and standing long jump, where they were awarded points for each event and these would be added together to give the team a final score. All children impressed Miss Hayes with their positive attitudes towards all of the events and their determination to do their best. Oscar produced an amazing howler throw of 32.75m and Tyler won his 75m sprint race. Riley came third in her 75m sprint race and Rianna came fifth in her 600m run. Out of the 25 schools that participated Unicorn came 18th with a total score of 1,360. Oak Lodge were the overall winners with a score of 1,657. Well done to all the children who participated and we hope to do even better in the up and coming Athletics competition. Good luck Unicorn!

Created: 29 Jun 17 15:20 

Bromley Cycling Competition

On Thursday 25th May, the Cycling Team at the London Borough of Bromley held a cycling competition at Norman Park. After a successful ‘Bikeability’ training course for Year 6 held at school, children were then selected to represent Unicorn at the cycling competition. 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls) were chosen to attend the event and over 21 schools participated. The children participated in two cycling races. The first round of races were made up of a random mix of children. The children completed two laps of the cycling course and from this race the children were then seeded by the results of the race. Connie did very well in her first race coming in the top two. Sophia also did very well coming in the first four in her race. Pier had an awful first race where she fell off her bike and badly grazed her ankle. Despite this fall she got up and was determined to complete the second race with style and gusto. In the second races Gabriel and Cayden managed a third and fourth place out of 16 children. Each child showed courage when racing and did their best to win points for Unicorn. Although we didn’t win the event it was a great experience and one that we hope to repeat next year.

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Boccia Festival

On Monday 22nd May we went to Keston Primary School for a Boccia Festival with Miss Brazier. When we arrived we met the other schools that we were competing against. Boccia is a fun sport to play. You need 2 teams and the Captains of each team toss a coin to see who goes first. The player who wins the toss throws the white ball called a ‘Jack’. Then each player takes it in turns to throw their balls to try and get near to the Jack. The closest team near the Jack wins the point. In the Unicorn team there was myself, Elsie, Jasmine and Brogan. I used a ramp to help me throw my ball. In our final game against Keston, I was made Captain. I was so excited. Our team won against Keston and St Nicholas and we came 5th in the tournament. I was player of the day for the Unicorn team and had to collect our certificates during the presentation. I really enjoyed playing Boccia it was lots of fun. By Brian (Class 3B)

Created: 29 Jun 17 14:55

Easter Bunny Run

Easter Bunny Run 28th March On a sunny March morning, seven Key Stage One children took part in an Easter Bunny Run at St Peter’s and St Paul’s. The children were very excited and tried hard to compete in the half mile cross country course which was their first competitive event. There were a total of four races which had between 20 -30 participants. Each child that represented Unicorn made a tremendous effort which was reflected in the fact that they all came within the top 10. Year 1 girls Eloise came 4th with a strong sprint finish. Elena came 9th who paced herself well throughout the race. Year 1 boys Kealan came 8th and ran confidently on his own. Year 2 girls Elissa came 3rd Nevaeh came 4th . Both girls supported each other throughout the race. Year 2 boys Leo came 10th who showed a steady pace throughout the race. Joseph came 2nd and completed the race with an excellent sprint finish. Miss Hayes who attended the event was so pleased with the children’s performances and she is looking forward to them joining the cross country club next year when they join Key Stage 2. Well done everyone! And Keep running!

Created: 4 May 17 16:22

Dance Festival 2017

On 24th March the Bromley Primary Dance Festival was held at Langley Park School for Girls. The festival was a great success including over 80 dancers from Year 2 – 6 plus demonstration dances from LPGS and Hayes Senior School. Dance leaders from the two secondary schools supported the organisers and participants on the day and were excellent role models for the younger children. There were 14 dances performed. The atmosphere was fantastic, the venue perfect and we even managed to raise £200 for Comic Relief. The children (and audience) had a great time wearing their red noses in the finale!! The participating primary schools were Balgowan, Chislehurst, Oaklands, La Fontaine, Oak Lodge, Southborough and Unicorn. All the dances were well rehearsed and executed and the children were a credit to their schools. It was great to see so many young people excited to show their dances and watch and support performers from the other schools. There were over 150 spectators. KS1 Winners: Balgowan, KS2 Winners: Oaklands. Well done to everyone who took part and a special thank you to Julia Smith, Head of Dance at LPGS who organised the venue. Kathryn Sexton: director Juka Dance

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Crystal Palace Cross Country Competition

On Saturday 11th March 2017, children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in the very successful Bromley Schools Cross Country championships at Crystal Palace. It was a lovely warm, sunny morning and the children arrived ready for the race. Once again, Unicorn were able to take a large team, with a total of 37 children competing across the four races with 2, 195 children taking part overall from 54 schools across the borough. We would like to that Mrs McNeil and Miss Hayes in training the children through the Cross country after school club in preparation for the event. We would also like to thank the parents for their support and words of encouragement. We are very proud of all the children’s achievements which contributed to the overall team results with some outstanding individual results. Special mention goes to the following children; Year 3 girls Evie (100th out of 258), Year 4 girls Yasmine (63rd out of 250), Year 3 boys Joshua (32nd out of 405), Year 5/6 boys Harry (29th out of 514). For more details on the Unicorn team results and individual results and times please visit the following website - Well done everyone!

Created: 23 Mar 17 15:34

Crystal Palace football tournament

Congratulations to the Unicorn Year 5 & 6 Football Team who recently won the Crystal Palace Foundation Premier League Schools U11’s Tournament. It was an resounding success for the team, winning every match to see them through to the Regionals where they will be playing against other schools teams and representing Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge, home to Chelsea Football Club. Thank you to Andy Rothwell for all his hard work and dedication managing and coaching the team and to Mrs Crow for organizing all the paperwork and accompanying the team.

Created: 9 Mar 17 14:18

Korfball Tournament

On Thursday 22nd February three teams from Unicorn entered into a Korfball tournament against five other Bromley schools. The year 5 and 6 team played four matches that lasted 6 minutes each. The children played well as a team and all tried their sporting best. This resulted in them beating Balgowan and Worsley Bridge with Flynn and Charlie scoring most of the goals. They lost against Hayes and Oak Lodge. Overall they came third in their category. The year 3 and 4 children entered an A and B team. These children who had only been playing Korfball for the best part of 6 months played with courage and determination. The match against Oak Lodge B team resulted in a 2-1 win to the Unicorn A team with Isaac and Ryan scoring fantastic goals. All the Unicorn teams were beaten by Hayes who were the overall winners of the category. The Unicorn A team came second place overall and the B team came 4th. The children enjoyed the tournament and the opportunity to show the skills they had learnt from attending the Korfball club. Isaac from Year 4 made the comment “We all had confidence when we arrived and the tournament has been so much fun. I love playing Korfball.” Bea in Year 6 made the comment “I was apprehensive about playing in this tournament but Korfball is a great sport and I like playing with my friends.” Mrs Crow (the PE subject leader) was impressed with the children’s positive attitudes towards the sport and the demonstration of good team spirit that the children showed as they played in mixed gender teams. All the children encouraged each other throughout the tournament and celebrated wins together. It was a great event.

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Tag Rugby League Tournament

Mini 6 A-Side Hockey Tournament

On Tuesday 7th February an A and B team were entered into a mini 6 a-side Hockey tournament at Langley Boys School. Despite only having 12 weeks of playing hockey in the after school club the children showed very positive attitudes when playing against generally older and more experienced teams. One pupil particularly impressed Miss Hayes and the hockey coach Tom Hamilton, with her outstanding determination especially in defence. Well done Prisha you showed real promise within the sport!! Although the teams did not win many of their matches, they are now hoping to build upon up their skills and play some friendly matches against other local schools.

Created: 9 Mar 17 13:37

Key Stage 2 Football Tournament November 2016

On a sunny November afternoon 11 boys from years 5 and 6 competed in the Bromley School Games football competition. Over 30 schools across the Bromley borough competed and Unicorn was placed in a pool containing four other schools. The first match was against Bromley road where Unicorn had all the play. Jayden scored the first goal which put Unicorn in the lead. Max saved a chance for Bromley Road to equalise. The match ended in a 1-0 win. The second match was a tough one against Manor Oak. The Unicorn defence was put to the test but a strong Manor Oak attack gave them a 2-0 win. The next game was against Farnborough where both teams were evenly matched. Harry on his debut for Unicorn set up the first goal which put Unicorn into the lead. A second goal later followed giving a 2-0 win to Unicorn. The final match was against Burnt Ash. Unicorn took chances to shoot at the goal but the final result ended in a 2-0 defeat. The boys played with spirit and determination throughout the competition. Despite feeling disappointed to come third overall in the group Andy (their football coach) and Mrs Crow (the PE subject leader) were extremely proud of the way they played as a team, particularly as this competition was the first opportunity for many of the boys to represent the school.

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Key Stage 1 Key Steps Gymnastic Festival

High Five Tournament report

High 5 tournament report from Katherine in Year 6. On Thursday 6th October 2016, Pier, Emily, Harry, Tyler, Kai and I went to Hayes Secondary School to represent Unicorn in the ‘High Five’ netball tournament. We played on the number four court and within our group we had three schools to play. Our first game with Keston Primary resulted in a 0-0 draw. The next game was against Highfield and Kai managed to score a point which resulted in a match win. We watched a couple of matches and saw a man who coached Balgowan ‘A’ team. He shouted at his team very fiercely and we were a little intimidated as we had to play them next!! In this match against Balgowan, the whole Unicorn team worked really hard as we knew we had to win this match to get into the final. Pier passed to me and I scored one point and soon after I scored again! We all jumped up and down with excitement. We were all good sportsmen and shook hands with every player on the other team. At the very end of the tournament we sat down and eagerly awaited the final scores. When the lady announced court four we all felt nervous. She announced that Unicorn was first with a total of 12 points. We were all really shocked and ecstatic. We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Margo, Ann and Sarah who have been superb netball coaches. We had a super time and we are looking forward to playing again in the final in a few weeks.

Created: 24 Nov 16 13:52

Football - Unicorn vs Oak Lodge

9-a-side football match report by Adam and Oscar. On Thursday 20th October, the boys school football team played at the Park Langley Club against Oak Lodge. Within the first five minutes Oak Lodge scored into the top corner but not feeling defeated Kai managed to score past their goal keeper to make it one all. Oak Lodge returned strongly with another goal to put themselves in the lead. As half time approached Kai scored another goal to make the score two all. The whistle blew and we were able to rest. When back on the pitch Kai worked hard to make opportunities to score goals but to no avail. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Created: 24 Nov 16 13:49

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